Rain Oil & Gas cultivates sustainable strategic relationships by treating partner companies fairly in every transaction. We want to foster repeat business for longevity, and we know that equitable outcomes in each transaction is how to accomplish that goal.

Acquisitions and divestitures through Rain Oil & Gas can typically yield a higher value for your company on a per net mineral acre basis than you may otherwise receive from our competitors. Our strategy emphasizes scale & velocity of transactions. We see greater value in this methodology—both for our company and yours—as opposed to over-sized markups.

Moreover, our local presence in the communities where we work allows us to build relationships needed for more direct sourced opportunities. Approximately 85% of the transactions we market and execute are sourced directly from record title owners.

After receiving a bonafide offer from a buyer Rain will either accept it, make a counter offer or adjust the price point to maximize your company’s yield. This long-term approach centered on delivering value for all parties is what makes Rain Oil & Gas distinct in the oil & gas brokerage market.